Do you want to put your prices up in your business?


Would you like to know how you are going to hit your revenue goal for your business but have no idea how to make up this number?

Do you want to feel confident in your pricing, knowing it will bring enough into your business, and will cover the hours you want to work?

Are you frightened you will lose clients if you put your prices up?

If so, you probably have questions like:

✔️ How do I put my prices up with existing clients?

✔️ How do I make sure I can make my revenue goal?

✔️ How do I make sure I am billing enough for my products or services?




✔️ How do I have the conversation with the client about putting up my prices?

✔️How do I know when I have taken on too much?

✔️ How should I price my services?


If you want to get your business sorted and put your prices up for good, my Pricing +  Profit Masterclass is for you. 

In this 2 hour class I will take you through the exact steps you need to take to be able to plan your year overall and the first 90 days in detail and put your prices up for good. 

Who is this for?

This is for coaches, consultants, trainers, virtual assistants and social media managers and any business where you offer consultancy.

Resources will include pricing calculators, templates for you to use to put your prices up with existing clients and a plan to hit your revenue goal.


"I really enjoyed the session. Really practical and it was nice to take the time to really crunch the numbers. Also have already downloaded and signed in with Toggl. MY takeaway definitely was to reduce from a yearly vision to a quarterly. It somehow gave my relief, smaller and more manageable numbers. The excel was fab. I need to have a play around with it. I now feel I have a more concrete idea of what I need to aim to sell."

"Brilliant masterclass thanks Sally, I’ve spent the afternoon working on my figures and I’m feeling focused and excited for the year ahead."

"I have recently taken Sally's 'Profit + Pricing Masterclass' and SO wish I'd done it sooner - when I set up my business I agonised over how to price myself, and not being a natural with numbers it was probably the most stressful part of launching. I wish I'd known Sally back then! Not only did she deliver the session clearly, with no jargon and no fluff, but she also empowered me to see that my services are worth charging for! Sally's masterclass gave me a tangible method for calculating what my hourly rate needs to be in order to earn my goal salary, and also how to break that down into exactly what I need to sell and how much for, to hit my quarterly targets. I have told all my self-employed network about Sally and cannot recommend this masterclass highly enough - Thankyou Sally!"

"I really enjoyed the class, it was worth it for me just to formally plan Q1 2021.  I’m a planner and target-driven person by nature so had been reviewing 2020 anyway and looking ahead to 2021.  It’s really helped to have the resources to support my pricing strategy and encouraged me to create more packages for my business.  My first one went live today!"

About Me

Hi I’m Sally and I help small businesses with their pricing.  I want you to feel confident in what you charge to clients and how you price your work. 

I have a young family (my sons are 9 & 11) and I know what a juggle it can be, especially recently!  I want you to make the most of your business and not be a slave to it and pricing is so critical to this.


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