Becoming A Numbers Ninja

Go from feeling stressed about your business numbers to feeling in control and accelerating your business.


Are you worrying about your business numbers?

Do you ……

….. panic at the end of January each year when your tax is due, trying to get all the information together in time?
….. lie awake wondering how you are going to pay your tax bill?
….. feel like a dummy in front of your accountant?
….. stress constantly about not understanding terms such as profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and dividends?

Do you want to ……

….. stop the fear you have around money
….. feel in control of your business finances?
….. be able to pay yourself a decent salary?
…… know how much and when money is due to HMRC?
…… know if you need an accountant?
…… be able to spend money growing your business, knowing you can afford it?
…… pay to outsource areas of your business you hate or are not good at?
….. save time on doing your accounts?

If this is you, I have exactly what you need to guide you through the terminology, deadlines and minefield that often greet new business owners.

Instead of dreading accounting, I make it a simple part of your everyday tasks, and one of those things you just do, without fear or loathing. I know that just because I love a spreadsheet, that doesn’t mean everyone else does!

I want you to stop being scared of the numbers in your business, and instead use them to focus your attention on the most profitable areas, cut costs where you can, and ultimately, grow your business to the level you want it to.

I know how hard running your own business can be, and with my help the finance / accounting part of it will become so much easier to manage.

Becoming A Numbers Ninja

Why did I decide to create this course? Because these are the issues I hear all the time at networking events, from friends, and in Facebook groups.

You need to know how to set up your business correctly from the start, but how do you know what that should look like when it’s so overwhelming?  How do you keep on top of the money stuff when there is so much else to do?

I’ve done it and I know this stuff yet I still found it a minefield, so I created Becoming a Numbers Ninja to help you avoid overwhelm, stress and sleepless nights trying to work out what to do. 

Don't Just Take My Word For It

What Will You Get Inside Becoming A Numbers Ninja?

The aim of the course is to give you confidence and clarity around your business numbers. It should stop the overwhelm you feel around your numbers and give you the tools to manage your business with confidence, and in a small amount of time each week.

Each module is designed to be around 10 minutes for the video and then worksheets to accompany it.


  • Money mindset – why you feel the way you do about money and how to overcome the fears you have
  • Getting started – should you be a sole trader or limited company, do you need an accountant, do you need an accounting system
  • Taxes – boring but necessary – how to manage each one easily and keep back the money needed.
  • Understanding your key numbers – what is the difference between revenue and income, what is the difference between profit and cash.  This module gets this all clear
  • Tracking your numbers – simple ways to keep on top of your numbers regularly
  • Do you know how much money you want/need your business accounts to make in the next 3, 6 or 12 months? This module is about getting you on track with a budget for the year, to make sure you are going to get the money you want to lead the life you want.

Your investment: £197 (inc VAT). Payment plans available.

" Controlling my spending on courses was one of my main aims to get from this course and that has definitely been achieved. Changing my bank account has also reduced one of my monthly costs and helped me to reconsider other costs so I'm tightening up on outgoings. That has been both helpful with this time of uncertainty and will be helpful when things are back to normal too! I also now feel more confident about my finances in general and I know that the spreadsheet that we worked through during the pre-course challenge has brought my accounts up to speed so I'm going to have an easier time getting figures over to my accountant for the end of the tax year now."

Jane Leach

"Working with you changed how I priced and encouraged me to raise my prices. The spreadsheet (with all the services, price of them, expenses and all of that) has really helped because I know how much I need to sell and what combinations I can use to get there."

Alexis Bushnell
Freelance Social Media Manager at Bushnell Community Solutions

Your Investment

I created this course so you can get on top of your business numbers again, that's why I'm not going to charge you a ridiculous price. Once you implement what's inside you'll be amazed at the change in the way you look at your numbers.













About Me

I set up Business Growth by Numbers in order to give businesses clarity around their numbers, and to enable flexibility around a young family. I’m a married mum of 2 boys aged 9 & 11. Life can be a bit crazy at times!

My background is in larger corporate businesses, and I’ve watched people see how quickly they can eat cream crackers (not many, they are sooooo dry! – Guinness World Records); I have worked on a factory line understanding how TV screens are made; enjoyed the controversial age of Channel 4 when Big Brother was at the height of its popularity. More recently I worked for Volac, a fast growing whey protein company, with loads of product streams.

I love watching football, rugby and cricket and I’m a keen sailor. I’m an avid reader, and I read most things but I love a thriller and a trashy beach read!

I help small businesses fall in love with their numbers.  I love helping people to make their lives easier, and lose the fear around money and accounting.  I want you to feel confident talking about your figures and what your current position with your business is.  I want you to have your dream business, starting with the numbers.

I love a spreadsheet and a messy balance sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each module will probably take around an hour to complete with the videos and worksheets.  The course should then set you up for doing an hour a week on your accounts to keep on top of it and manage them with confidence.

This course is designed for you if you are managing your own business numbers on a day to day basis, and are not clear what they are or they are not what you expect.  Numbers should not be a surprise, but often are, and this course will help take away the fear of your numbers.  You could be anything from a startup upwards but the key thing is whether you understand your numbers.  We can have a chat if you would like to discuss whether this is right for you. Book here.

I run the course with a live round in order to keep you accountable and ensure that you have support throughout the process.  I run the course over 6 weeks in order to give you processing time and you have access to both the Facebook group and course materials for life.