Get consistent sales in your service-based business every month.


Are you a service based business that seems to be going nowhere fast?

You put plenty of hours into your business, trading your time for money, but the business isn’t growing.

Just when you’re done with a client call, you realise that you haven’t chased another for follow-up feedback and you’re feeling resentful that you’re not charging them enough.

Your social media looks sad and empty because you forgot to post something about your business today and you’re worried that you’ll run out of leads soon.

You’re doing it all on your own and you know that at some point something’s got to give.

Shouldn’t you be working from a beach sipping cocktails or something right now?

You’re not sure how to get out of the rut you're in but you know that need help.

Imagine if...

Your perfect day would be logging on or walking into work and there are leads already waiting for you to get in touch with them.

Someone else has scheduled the marketing for you freeing up hours of admin time you normally spend on your business every week. 

You only have a few calls scheduled this week, but that’s OK because the amount you’re charging is the same as you were charging for double the amount of calls before.

You look at your diary and it’s free for the whole day for you to work on new ideas for your business that you know will take it to the next level.

Maybe you can take more time off this week to spend more time with family and loved ones?

Are you at this stage?

Perhaps you are a social media manager, virtual assistant or a copywriter.

Maybe you are more established as a coach or consultant?

Whatever stage you find yourself in your business, it’s never too late to review the bottom line and critically look at what you could be doing to bring more revenue and profit into the business.

Aiming for £2k months

You could be trying to earn £2k a month right now but you're struggling with the basics...what to sell and how much for.

Aiming for £5k months 

You might be selling your services but you're running out of hours in the day to be able to scale beyond £5k months.

Aiming for £10k months 

Perhaps you can't think of how to scale a service that only you offer but know if you could do this it would mean £10k months and beyond.

It’s never too late to review the bottom line and critically look at what you could be doing to bring more revenue and profit into the business.

This doesn’t mean working more hours.

It means looking at what you’re already offering as a product to see if it’s making your business money.

We can often be so entrenched in our businesses that it’s hard to look at this and make the decision to say “this isn’t working” and carry on doing all of the things that take your business nowhere.

It could also mean understanding where you are at capacity and how to scale your business so that you can serve one-to-many, not just one-to-one.

And when you reach the point where you need help, how can you scale how you help by hiring in and growing your business using freelancers and contractors...maybe even employees?

Introducing 'Boost Your Bottom Line'

This 3-tier course developed by Sally Farrant, The Pricing Queen, will have you making more consistent £2k, £5k and £10k months in your service-based business. 

Select the option right for your business

Boost Your Bottom Line is available to buy at whatever stage your business may be in right now.

Depending on the option you select, get set for more consistent £2k, £5k and £10k months.

Each level contains a selection of pre-recorded lessons and masterclasses that will guide you through how to analyse where you are and where you need to be to achieve your financial goals.

Gain clarity on your products and pricing.

Understand how many hours you need to sell each month to achieve your financial goals.

Look to scale and hire to grow your business beyond just you.

For new business owners and freelancers

Achieve 2k months!

Gain clarity around your pricing!

  • Getting your pricing right (hourly rate etc)
  • Packaging your services
  • Value and transformation incl testimonials
  • Getting more clients
  • Power hours
  • Putting up prices with ease
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Goal setting

For solopreneurs and freelancers

Achieve £5k months!

Most Popular

Understand how many hours you need to sell to achieve consistent months!

  • Everything from the £2k  level inc...
  • Value based pricing
  • Managing Feast and Famine
  • Passive income
  • Systems incl Xero
  • Outsourcing
  • Positioning
  • Understanding your customer journey

For coaches and consultants

Achieve £10k months!

Understanding how to scale their business through hiring!

  • Everything from the £2k and £5k levels including...
  • Premium pricing
  • Scaling your business
  • Outsourcing
  • Managing your funnel
  • Pricing to Corporates
  • Memberships and courses

I'm Sally Farrant, The Pricing Queen!

I set up Boost Your Bottom Line in order to give businesses clarity around their numbers, and to enable flexibility around a young family.

I’m a married mum of 2 boys aged 9 & 7. Life can be a bit crazy at times!

I specialise in sorting out company accounts to ensure the accounts clearly reflect how the business is doing, and then producing clear management information for business owners to understand.

I also help people to understand how their accounts actually work, and to be able to run them without me.

My aim is to help you to get the best from business without feeling burned out and resentful.

With just a tweak to pricing, a new product or scaling up and out, you could start the path to growth you’ve been dreaming about for so long and I’m the gal with the spreadsheet to help you!


"I now feel confident about my pricing"

I'd had enough of being uncertain about my pricing, was I charging too much, was I charging enough?

I knew it was starting to slow me down and hold me back.

Since working with Sally I now feel confident about my pricing, over all my offers/ services and for any new services in the future and was subsequently able to smash my income goal for that month thanks to the confidence and advice Sally gave me. Great way to kick off 2021!

Amy Caiger, Niching and Messaging specialist

"Working with Sally has been mindblowing"

Working with Sally has been mind blowing. I had looked for a business coach for many years but was always disappointed then I realised I needed support with the money side of business - pricing, packages, outgoings - all the stuff I feel as a creative is boring! 

She showed me what I needed to with my membership products to make it all more profitable which I have now actioned and three weeks later I have landed another client signing up for my new ways of working!

Kate Beavis (strategy client)


"Sally makes everything sound so simple!"


Rochelle Dallas, Course Creation Mentor


What option of the course should I buy?
There are three levels of access for the Boost Your Bottom Line course depending on the amount of revenue you want to achieve in your business. Pick either the £2k, £5k or £5k options.

I sell products not services, would this be right for me?
This course is aimed at helping those who sell hours or time for money a.k.a "service-based businesses" and the material has been designed and optimised accordingly. if you sell products you will not gain the same benefit from this material. 

I'm not even making £2k months yet. Will I struggle to follow?
This course is designed for you! You'll understand what you need to do to get to making £2k months. You don't need to be there already.

Will I get access straight away?
Yes, once you complete payment you will receive access via Kajabi and you'll receive lifetime access.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the content?
No, there are no refunds offered. 

Let's Boost Your Bottom Line!

Heard enough?
Ready to get started?

Sign up today for as little as £97 to get instant access to the course material (or upgrade if you need) and start the work to get you making those consistent revenue months. 

Sally x