How to create and price a power hour


Would you like to have something to offer if people want to pick your brains? Are people always asking you for “a quick coffee” or “could you just”, which takes up precious free hours in your day?

Do you wish you had something you could offer them in those situations?  Either to deter tyre kickers, or to be getting paid for your expertise?

If so, you probably have questions like:

✔️ How do I decide what to charge for?

✔️ How do I work out what to charge for a power hour?

✔️ How do I avoid underpricing (or overpricing) my services?




✔️ How do I deal with the tech?

✔️ How do I tell people they need to pay me to pick my brains?

✔️ How do I choose a topic?

If this sounds familiar, you’ll love my creating and pricing a power hour masterclass.

In this 60 minute class I will take you through the exact steps you need to take to be able to price up and run your power hour.

What is a power hour?

A power hour is simply an hour of your time that is paid for on a specific topic.  It can become a paid discovery call for a more expensive offering you have, but it means people put their money where their mouth is.

Who is this for?

This is for coaches, consultants, trainers, virtual assistants and social media managers and any business where you offer consultancy.

Resources you will get will include calculators and scripts, plus how to set up the tech and scripts for telling people that they need to pay you!

Why me?


I have sold over 25 power hours in the last 5 months, so I know how brilliant a power hour can be in your business.


"I wanted more clarity on pricing some new packages. Sally took me step-by-step through various models and potential pricing points, keeping in mind my business goals and plans for the coming months. Everything was clearly explained and really helpful. If you're stuck on your pricing or would just like to get a better understanding of the costs and benefits involved with your products or services, I can certainly recommend Sally."

The Epsom Bakehouse.

About Me

Hi I’m Sally and I help small businesses with their pricing.  I want you to feel confident in what you charge to clients and how you price your work. 

I have a young family (my sons are 11 & 9) and I know what a juggle it can be, especially recently!  I want you to make the most of your business and not be a slave to it and pricing is so critical to this.




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