Freelancing with Emma Cossey

Season #2 Episode #16

In this episode:
  • Terms and conditions for freelancers
  • Being competitive
  • Valuing your service
  • Unnecessary pressure
  • Measuring success
Sally talks to go-to freelancer support & coach Emma Cossey. Emma runs the popular and very active Facebook group The Freelance Lifestyle where she encourages and supports her community with resources and tools to make the best of their business world and remove fear.


Emma and Sally chat about the common business areas freelancers require advice and support for, from terms and conditions to pricing services. Emma talks about having confidence in your value and why having clients that will pay more will value your service more. She and Sally discuss pricing concerns and Emma has a top tip to assist with pricing conversations. Emma and Sally chat about understanding your business model and why pressure to grow the business isn’t always necessary. They highlight why knowing your numbers is the best way to measure your success and why freelancers need to make the flexibility factor work for them.

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