Selling to corporates with Jessica Lorimer

Season #2 Episode #14


In this episode:

  • Why you should consider selling to corporates
  • Income versus impact
  • How to select the right corporates for you
  • Lead generation
  • Business development calls
  • Getting referrals

Sally chats with Selling To Corporate founder Jessica Lorimer about how selling to corporates can be a great way to grow your business. Jess explains to Sally why she decided to focus on b2b selling over b2c for more targeted, higher revenue-generating results. Jess shares how selling to corporates as a supplier provides a better work life balance and can provide great cash flow for your business.

Jess explains how integrating a corporate revenue stream can help fund certain areas of your business, such as marketing and advertising perhaps, but how it doesn’t have to be your primary income source.

Sally and Jess look at how you select and approach corporates and how this technique differs from b2c selling. Starting small and being targeted and specific will yield bigger results, Jess recommends starting by picking an industry. Any industry! She also talks through best practices for lead generation and business development calls and how to refine the sales process.

Message from this episode – don’t disregard corporates, they add lots of revenue to your business!

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