Pricing and email marketing strategies with Rob and Kennedy

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode:
  • Understanding how to price yourself
  • Creating zero competition
  • Finding your preferred audience

Rob, a former hypnotist, and Kennedy, a former mind-reader, are the lively duo who are uniquely positioned discuss the psychology behind email marketing and run Email Marketing Heroes. Through their past 18 years as entertainers, they have run their own ‘businesses’ and fallen in love with email marketing as a way to generate sales, without having to do sales.

Rob and Kennedy discuss how they had to learn to price themselves by creating an environment of zero competition by focussing on their unique positioning.

They talk to Sally about the psychology behind pricing, putting your prices up and how you need to think about and keep testing who your audience is. Who is or is likely to pay the price you want to charge for your service? Remember, the wrong audience will never buy the brilliant offer.

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