Pricing and niching with Amy Caiger

Season #1 Episode #11

In this episode:
  • How to identify and define your niche.
  • The three niche elements.
  • Tapping into your client’s language.
  • Packaging up your services.
  • Why you should become the specialist in your field.

Amy Caiger helps businesses identify and communicate their niche to their target customers. She chats with Sally about dispelling anxieties businesses have towards niching (particularly around alienating people) and how it provides greater insight into your business, identifying what it does well. She also discusses why it is important to define your niche through clear messages and marketing.

Amy lists the three elements that make up a niche, who, what and you, and examines the benefits to a business that has less offering and more focus. Amy invites us to think about the language we use when describing our offering to attract the right clients, looking at it in terms of problem and solution. Amy and Sally debate identifying client needs, packaging-up offers to price effectively and leading with features and benefits not delivery or format.

Amy maintains that being clear about what you offer will influence everything else the business does. So what’s your business’ hook?

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