Competitive pricing, benchmarking and dealing with scope creep

Season #1 Episode #9

In this episode:
  • Charging more or less than your competitors.
  • How to increase your prices.
  • Pain in the ass tax.
  • Dealing with scope creep.
  • Client boundaries.

Can I charge more than my competitors? Sally breaks down this popular question and discusses reasons why it is ok to charge more than your competitors. It is important to look at your personal brand and unique offering when you are comparing yourself against competitors. Sally advocates offering exclusive products or packages to make it harder to benchmark your business.  She also discusses why you do not want to be the cheapest either.

Putting your prices up is easy with new clients, but for existing clients Sally covers off the important aspects which make for a smoother transition such as contract terms, working relationships and why regular price increases are best.

Sally discusses scope creep, where a client may be getting you to work extra without payment e.g., team lunches, demanding faster response times etc. Sally advises how to tackle this early on to avoid this impacting your earning potential and how client boundaries can prevent scope creep from occurring.

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