Pricing and selling your product with Laura Harrison

Season #1 Episode #8

In this episode:
  • Top issues with stock.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Profit margins.
  • Shipping costs – to include or not to include.
  • Direct vs. wholesale selling.
  • Magic margins – good, better best.

Laura Harrison is a retail expert with 25 years retail experience across corporate and in-store. Her main focus is on the financial side of retail, looking at profit & loss, cashflow and stock. Laura is passionate about keeping the high street alive and runs LH Retail Development, a consultancy firm that advises big retailers how to lead and small independent brands how to grow.

Laura chats to Sally about top stock issues that affect retailers and how to avoid having surplus product by creating a clear sales plan. Laura explains the theory behind retail promotional practices and why getting the right starting price is so important. Laura and Sally discuss the pros and cons behind inclusive shipping costs, what is recommended and why your customer journey makes a difference. Should you sell direct to your customer or consider a wholesale approach? Laura and Sally examine different setups and considerations. Plus the biggest factor in retail - cost vs sales price, what is the magic margin?  Laura breaks it down, looking product hierarchies and why you should be able to easily explain your pricing approach.

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