How to price your online courses and membership with Janet Murray

Season #1 Episode #7

In this episode:
  • Creating online products – what to consider.
  • Courses or membership?
  • Pricing strategies for online products.

Janet Murray helps build and grow online audiences for businesses (customers, fans, followers, subscribers etc.) to boost sales. Janet discusses what factors you should consider before deciding to create and sell an online product, is it worth your time and effort? Janet advises selling before you create anything to test the market and demand. Starting small will help maximise the use of your time and help you decide if online is for you. Janet and Sally discuss the decision-making in choosing to create courses or memberships. Considering the different models and selecting a style that fits best with how you like to work and your availability. Janet and Sally discuss pricing strategies and guidelines when deciding what to charge and what factors you need to consider.

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