How to be more productive in your business with Amy Mitchell

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode:
  • The importance of time-tracking
  • Centralising tasks
  • Identifying opportunities for systems
  • What to outsource
  • Setting business boundaries
  • The pomodoro technique

Amy Mitchell is an online business strategist that develops systems to ensure a business’ day-to-day actions align with their big dreams and end goals. Amy and Sally discuss the importance of time tracking to tackle endless to-do lists and incorporating this into your pricing strategy. Amy encourages centralising to-do lists for better prioritising, identifying areas for systems and batching or time-blocking tasks to create boundaries in your business. Amy and Sally chat about what business boundaries they put in place themselves to help manage distractions and maximise use of time to ensure you’re always present and at your most effective.

Selected links from this episode

Amy’s free Asana mini training

Amy’s free on-demand scattered to streamlined training.

Voxer walkie-talkie business app

The tomato timer pomodoro technique

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