#20: Money mindset with Catherine Morgan

Season #2

In this episode: • Emotional relationships with money • Why women have more financial baggage • Finding your money personality • How learned money stories define our financial behaviour • Overcoming money blocks • The importance of money conversations

Catherine Morgan is a financial coach and qualified financial planner. Catherine helps and supports women and their relationship with money, helping them to understand their emotions when dealing with it. She outlines the three feelings and emotions we have around money; our comfortability receiving it, comfortability to keep hold of it and comfortability to give it to others.

Catherine explains to Sally why women tend to have more baggage when it comes to finance and the gender difference to managing money. She outlines how finding your money narrative will help to work out what is the fear that is holding you back. Are you an emotional over-spender, a planner or maybe a risk taker? Catherine explains how our behaviour with money is driven by how we feel and how we feel is driven by the lessons we’ve learnt about money which can lead to money blocks. She walks us through the 6 steps of how to overcome these blocks to positively impact your financial future.

Selected links from this episode

Find your money personality with Catherine’s quiz: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5ea998dca0f6a6001400408e 

Listen to Catherine’s podcast “In her financial shoes.” https://catherinemorgan.com/ihfs-podcast/ 

Check out Sally’s Masterclasses: https://www.businessgrowthbynumbers.com/Masterclasses and Pricing Calculator: https://www.businessgrowthbynumbers.com/pricing-calculator-sign-up 

Connect with Sally on Instagram @thepricingqueen and on LinkedIn 'Sally Farrant'

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