#22: Pressure-free pricing with Fleur Emery

Season #2

In this episode: • Fair value exchanges • The importance of a captive audience • Abundance attitude • Using pricing to relieve pressure • Removing barriers

Sally talks to Fleur Emery, founder of REALWORK, an online co-working community for women. With a background in industry, Fleur decided she wanted to connect other founders and business owners in lockdown, offering her energy, experience, leadership and support to other women like herself.

Sally asks Fleur to share her pricing story, where she walks us through her decision-making process for REALWORK (featuring a kerching meerkat moment.) We get to listen to Fleur’s fascinating account of the conception and metamorphosis of REALWORK, where Fleur shares some valuable insight into the realities and pitfalls she faced along the way.

A huge advocate for the importance of getting your pricing right, Fleur tells us how paying attention to her pricing is what really made the necessary changes to her business, removing the pressure to make REALWORK fly.

Selected links from this episode

Discover Fleur’s community at doreal.work or @doreal.work on Instagram.

Connect with Sally on Instagram @thepricingqueen and www.linkedin.com/in/sally-farrant/

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