#25 7 Things Not To Ask Your Accountant

Season #3

Do you know what you should and shouldn’t be asking your accountant about? That may seem like a strange question to ask, but it’s an essential one to explore. So many business owners are expecting their accountant to deal with things they’re not paying for - and it’s causing unnecessary feelings of stress and disappointment.

So in this episode of The Pricing Queen, we’ll be talking about the expectations many business owners have about their accountants, along with the things they should (and shouldn’t!) be doing for you. We’ll be covering:

  • Can an accountant help you with pricing? [1:26]
  • How and what to pay yourself [2:07]
  • What an accountant is responsible for - and what’s on you [3:11]
  • Tax bills and putting money aside [4:04]
  • Who’s responsible for financial performance [4:43]
  • Why you accountant doesn’t need to understand your business [5:45]
  • Forward planning, cash flow and affording to invest [6:37]



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