#26 How automation can help with your pricing with Kelly Goss

Season #3

How can automation help with your pricing? If you think automation has nothing to do with pricing and the other financial aspects of your business, you’re wrong! Automation can help you get more for your time without working harder or longer. And if you’re charging via fixed-cost packages or retainers (as I recommend!), automation enables you to charge more for your time and not get penalised for being more efficient.

In this episode of The Pricing Queen, I talk to business process automation specialist Kelly Goss. Kelly works specifically with a no-code automation platform called Zapier. It’s an excellent platform for utilising different automations within your business, and you’ll find some great automation ideas sprinkled throughout this podcast! We’ll also be covering:

  • What Zapier is and how it can help you quickly set up automations [2:13]
  • How I’ve used automations to revolutionise my business [5:08]
  • Tips for improving your processes with automations [7:02]
  • The most significant benefits of Zapier and the two simple things you need to know to get started [8:20]
  • Why it’s never too early to begin automating and the first step to take [9:17]
  • How automation helps with pricing [11:47]
  • How much time and money automation can save you [12:30]
  • When to outsource and when to automate  [14:22]
  • How to still have the personal touch with automation [17:00]



Kelly’s website, free resources, latest book and automation help: Solvaa.co.uk

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