#27 Paying yourself more in your small business

Season #3

How can you pay yourself more? It’s something many small and micro businesses, struggle with. When it's just you, it can be difficult to make sure you're paying yourself because you tend not to think of yourself as a salaried person or an employee in the business.

But actually, you need to start thinking about yourself as somebody else you need to pay and not just an afterthought. It’s not just about paying yourself whatever's left in the bank at the end of the month. 

So in this episode of The Pricing Queen, we’ll look at how you can make changes to pay yourself more. We’ll be covering:

  • Why paying yourself whatever’s left is damaging your business [1:09]
  • The first thing you need to look at [1:46]
  • The easiest way to earn more money [2:05]
  • What price pressure is and how it affects you [2:22]
  • How to put up your prices - option #1 [2:55]
  • How to put up your prices - option #2 [4:07]
  • How to put up your prices - option #3 [4:22]
  • How to put up your prices - option #4 [4:44]
  • Making sure people are putting their money where their mouth is [5:00]
  • Paying yourself first, not as an afterthought [5:42]



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