#31 Forecasting in your business

Season #3

Do you know what your business will look like in 12 months' time? A lot of people will say forecasting isn’t worth bothering with. After all, why would you forecast and look back at the last couple of years and what happened in that time? 

But I firmly believe that you should always be looking to know where you’re going. Because if you don’t know where your business is headed, you’re just going to keep drifting around and missing potential opportunities and growth.

So in this episode of The Pricing Queen, we’ll be covering:

  • Why it’s essential to have a clear sense of direction in business [1:28]
  • Why 20% is an important figure when it comes to client worth [2:24]
  • When to consider the VAT threshold and when to plan for it [3:02]
  • What things you need to take stock of when creating your plan [3:53]
  • The value of 90-day sprints [5:00]


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