#32 The reality of making money from an online audience

Season #3

Running an online business isn’t as easy as you often think it will be. Marketing is one skill many small business owners struggle with, especially when it comes to audience growth and converting those followers to sales.

So if you’ve ever wondered how you can make money from an online audience, you’re not alone! I had the pleasure of chatting with Helen Perry about it for this week’s podcast. Helen helps other small businesses with their content marketing on Instagram and via email, and she shares some good insights on the reality of making a business from an online audience.

So in this episode of The Pricing Queen, we’ll be covering:

  • Why the number of followers shouldn’t be your main focus [3:30]
  • Why it’s harder for a service-based business to make sales online [6:37]
  • The things you need in place to attract an online audience [7:04]
  • The critical thing to remember about social media marketing [8:34]
  • Why you can’t rely on social media alone and what you need to do as well [9:29]
  • Why connection is essential to your growth efforts [11:45]
  • The one thing that will alienate your audience [12:31]
  • Why competitors and the wrong people for you don’t matter [15:01]
  • How long it takes to get noticed and why you should start now [16:09]
  • The truth about social media and the customer buying journey [17:10]
  • The big mistake a lot of businesses make with their social media [18:50]
  • How to grow your audience [19:23]
  • The truth about sharing too much online [20:12]
  • The reality behind how our audience reacts to our content [22:17]
  • What to do if you need a break from posting on social media [23:06]


Helen’s website - https://www.helen-perry.co.uk/ 

Follow Helen on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_helen_perry_/ 

Listen to Helen’s latest #justbloodypostit podcast - https://www.helen-perry.co.uk/the-just-bloody-post-it-podcast/ 

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