#37 VAT threshold

Season #4

So many people I know are really terrified of going over the VAT threshold in the UK. But it isn’t something to be scared of - it’s actually a good thing for your business!

On today's show, I want to talk to you about sailing over the VAT threshold without the fear, worry and self-sabotage that can go with it, so you can enjoy the growth of your business instead of worrying about whether you're going to go over the VAT threshold or not.

Because that VAT threshold isn't something to be scared of, and yet, it stops people from growing and reaching their potential. So today’s podcast is a bit of a technical episode, but it’s short so you can get it in bite-sized chunks!

So in this week’s episode of The Pricing Queen, we’re going to be covering:

  • What is the VAT threshold in the UK? [1:25]
  • My advice for minimising the fear around reaching the VAT threshold [1:42]
  • How to prepare if you’re working business to business (B2B) [2.14]
  • How to prepare if you’re working with small businesses or consumers [2:27]
  • Why your supplies matter too [3:01]
  • Things to ask your accountant [3:13]
  • What the real issues are when it comes to getting near the VAT threshold [3:39]
  • When to consider becoming a Limited Company [4:09]
  • What you need your bookkeeper or accountant to understand about your business [4:26]
  • When to start thinking about the implications of VAT [4:59]


If you’re earning more than £70k a year, are nearing the £85k VAT threshold, or have already gone over it and haven't been able to put your prices up or are struggling, then join me at my ‘Sailing Over The VAT Threshold’ masterclass on Tuesday 20th September - https://thepricingqueen.com/vat.

Get help with working out your pricing - http://www.thepricingqueen.com/pricing-calculator

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