#38 People pleasing and pricing with Natalie Lue

Season #4

Are you guilty of people pleasing, perfectionism or overthinking? And how does that come across in your business and your pricing? You may not immediately think the two are connected, but the emotional baggage that causes your people-pleasing or perfectionist habits impacts on what you’re willing to settle for in business, especially with boundaries and pricing. 

It’s an important topic and one I chat to Natalie Lue about for this podcast episode. Natalie is a recovering people pleaser herself, and in this episode she’s going to help you discover the emotional baggage behind those habits and give you some tips to put that baggage down, and set better prices, boundaries and standards in your business.

In this week’s episode of The Pricing Queen, we’re going to be covering:

  • Why people pleasers struggle with their pricing [2:47]
  • The problems behind pricing too low [4:21]
  • How to let go of the guilt that causes you to overdeliver [7:47]
  • The importance of valuing your work - and pricing accordingly [9:35]
  • Trial and error pricing and finding that sweet spot [12:06]
  • Paying attention to the data in your business [14:52]
  • Finding your secret sauce and how that helps clarify why people come to you [17:11]
  • The problem with undervaluing what you do [19:54]
  • Pricing may not be your main problem [20:51]
  • Trusting your instincts when pricing [24:14]
  • How to deal with client who have limited budgets [27:00]
  • What to include in your onboarding process to minimise payment issues [28:00]
  • How to overcome ‘fantasy money’ issues and non-payments [33:08]


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