#40 Rosie Gilderthrop

Season #4

Have you ever wondered how to set pricing for charities and non-profits? Maybe you want to give back more but don’t know where to start and how to price accordingly. It can be difficult finding that balance between earning enough to cover your business expenses and own salary, and also helping a wider range of people. But it is possible to give away your time for free, in a more structured way in your business.

It’s a subject I had the recent pleasure of speaking about with Rosie Gilderthorp. Rosie is a clinical psychologist and splits her time between her social enterprise business, a perinatal mental health practice, and her Psychology Business School, where she teaches psychologists and therapists about setting up and ethically and effectively marketing yourself in the business world. 

In this week’s episode of The Pricing Queen, we’re going to be covering:

  • What it means to have a social enterprise business  [2:40]
  • How you get paid, if you have a social enterprise [4:07]
  • How to ethically decide who you can and can’t help [4:59]
  • Working free sessions in your business [7:42]
  • The pitfalls of offering free sessions and how to avoid them [9:09]
  • The importance of paying yourself first [11:02]
  • How to pick the right prices for your business [13:07]
  • How to settle the fears around being affordable to everyone [15:55]
  • Why charging more helps you to help more [17:02]
  • The importance of considering the overall investment [17:45]
  • Why niching helps your visibility and your marketing [19:26]
  • How personality is crucial in business and when running a non-profit [ 23:59]


Get help with working out your pricing - http://www.thepricingqueen.com/pricing-calculator 

If you're a psychologist or therapist, getting set up in private practice, or feel like you want to grow and expand and get ready to scale up your practice, head to Rosie’s website - https://psychologybusinessschool.com/.

You can also get yourself a copy of the free checklist to help you get your therapy business up and running, which you can find at - https://psychologybusinessschool.com/client-checklist.

If you’re struggling in pregnancy or you've had a difficult birth, then you can find out more about Rosie’s therapy work here - Drrosie.co.uk.

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