#44 Online business myths

Season #4

There are so many online business myths and success stories doing the rounds. As an online business owner, you cannot fail to see them or be attracted to them. It can be incredibly difficult to know what is and isn’t real, especially when you’re only being given half the story. 

That’s why I loved chatting with Teresa Heath-Wareing for this week’s podcast. Teresa helps business owners from all around the world create a business and life they dream of, not what the rest of the world tells them they should have. Because success isn’t always about six figure launches and working from a beach - it’s about creating something that fits in with you, your family and your life.

In this week’s episode of The Pricing Queen, we’re going to be covering:

  • What having a business and life should look like to you [2:41]
  • The reality is having that lifestyle will always include a payoff [3:05]
  • What it means to have a personal brand - and the work involved [3:55]
  • Why you can't compare yourself to the bigger 'person next door' type of business [6:59]
  • Knowing what you can and shouldn't outsource in your business [8.19]
  • Why outsourcing your social media is never a great idea [8:46]
  • Why exclusivity isn't always authentic [10:55]
  • Do yourself the biggest favour by asking yourself this one question! [12:30]
  • The reality of building an online business [14:05]
  • How attractive the numbers can be and why it's not always that straightforward [15:17]
  • The myths and reality of earning money while you sleep and that beach lifestyle [16:35]
  • The reality of having a membership and the work involved [18:55]
  • Growing an organic list and using testimonials authentically [21:24]
  • Why big results can include not falling apart! [24:32]
  • The 3 key things to understand if you want your business to be amazing [26:02]
  • The reality behind the online space [27:12]
  • Why you need to keep it authentic [27:39]
  • Looking at the long game rather than the sexy sells [30:27]
  • Why affiliating with others isn't always the best lead generating activity [31:18]
  • Why small is often better for lead generation [32:07]
  • The myths and realities of paid and free speaking events [33:31]
  • Why social media celebrities shouldn't be put on a pedestal [34:39]


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