About Me

Are you burying your head in the sand when it comes to your business numbers?

You know you should be looking at your business numbers at least monthly but you look at them and feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Do you just look at your bank account to manage your business numbers?

Or just pass everything to your accountant at the end of the year, which costs you money you don't have?

What about when your tax return is due? Do you know in advance a rough idea of what the number is?

Or do you have to scrape the money together each year, maybe even using a credit card?

If any of this applies to you I can help you stop feeling embarrassed about your lack of numbers knowledge, ease your accounting stress and feel confident talking about your numbers.

You can spend an hour a week working on your accounts, and this will transform your business. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Sally.

I set up Business Growth by Numbers in order to give businesses clarity around their numbers, and to enable flexibility around a young family. I’m a married mum of 2 boys aged 9 & 11. Life can be a bit crazy at times!

My background is in larger corporate businesses, and I’ve watched people see how quickly they can eat cream crackers (not many, they are sooooo dry! – Guinness World Records); I have worked on a factory line understanding how TV screens are made at Philips Electronics and enjoyed the controversial age of Channel 4 when Big Brother was at the height of its popularity. More recently I worked for Volac, a fast growing whey protein company, with loads of product streams.

I love watching football, rugby and cricket and I’m a keen sailor. I’m an avid reader, and I read most things but I love a thriller and a trashy beach read!

I specialise in sorting out company accounts to ensure the accounts clearly reflect how the business is doing, and then producing clear management information for business owners to understand. I also help people to understand how their accounts actually work, and to be able to run them without me. I also run online courses to help micro businesses get set up correctly from the start.

I love a spreadsheet and a messy balance sheet!

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Are you an Underpricing Una, Generous Gina, Discount Donna or Overpricing Orla? Find out in my pricing personality quiz and I'll give you tips on how to improve your pricing.



Do you know how much you need to charge to be making money in your business, including paying yourself? Get my pricing calculator here to find out what you should be charging.



Other freebies include a tax year end checklist, whether you should be a sole trader or limited company and why all your small business money isn't yours to keep.



Check out the tools and resources I use and recommend in my business.


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Day of Voxer

Get a handle on any pricing issue with Voxer coaching. Work through your pricing and business numbers over a period of time to get your business going where you want it to. Can be taken in half day or weekly sessions.


Book A Power Hour

Are you stuck on a pricing issue in your business? Perhaps you're launching a new product/service and you're not sure what to charge. Or maybe you want to raise your prices, but you're not sure how to approach it with your existing clients. It could be that you need expert guidance on a specific topic e.g. pricing your coaching/consultancy package, launching an affiliate programme or incentive scheme for your team. Whatever the issue - if it relates to pricing (and making more profit in your business), I can help you get unstuck.


Work With Me 1:1

Do you want to double your income in 2023 but struggle to put your prices up?

Do you want help with what to say to existing customers and approaching new ones? 

Do you want to avoid awkward pricing conversations and talk about your pricing with confidence?