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Welcome to your one-stop numbers resource hub! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your business strategies, these free resources are designed to help you take control of your finances and elevate your business. Dive in and explore tools, guides, and checklists that will empower you to make informed decisions and grow your pricing and numbers confidence. Check out my free resources below…

Get Access To My Pricing Calculator

Does pricing terrify you?  Are you not sure where to start when it comes to pricing?  You are not alone.  It isn’t an exact science and in your small business it can be overwhelming. My Pricing Calculator can help. Get access and sort out your pricing once and for all.


Managing Money In Your Small Business

There are a handful of things you MUST do (otherwise you may be fined/face legal issues), but there are things I recommend you do in your business to create good habits too.


Guide to Sole Trader Expenses

Download my FREE copy of the "Guide to Sole Trader Expenses" so that you can make sure that you claim everything you can in your business, and what you can't.
It will help you ensure you reduce the tax you pay and keep on top of what you can and can't claim as a sole trader.

Sole Trader vs LTD Company

Are you struggling to understand whether you need to be a Sole Trader or a Ltd Company? Find out how to decide which one is best for you by downloading my free guide.


Why all your small business income is not yours

Learn what you can keep from the money you get paid. I'll send you my guide explaining all you need to know