Pricing + Profit Intensive


You’re consistently having £5k+ months in your online business but feel like you could be making more

It could be that you’ve already hit six figures, but you’re working 24/7 and your team costs are spiralling. You’d love to know how to generate more profit - so you can work fewer hours and pay yourself more. 

Or perhaps you’ve got a launch coming up and want to make it make it your most profitable ever. 

Trouble is, you’re so busy with client delivery, you feel like you don’t have time to look at the numbers.

And even when you do, it all feels SO overwhelming.

If any of this sounds familiar, my Pricing and Profit Intensive could be exactly what you need.

We’ll spend time together looking at the numbers in your business.


Why work with me

Saves you money

Saves you time

Gives you accountability


In this 4 hour session, I’ll help you identify your most profitable products/services, the areas where you’re leaking money and potential opportunities for growth... so you can laser focus on the biggest profit-generating activities in your business. 

While I’ll be using my 25 years’ experience in management accountancy to crunch the numbers, you won’t need to worry about being blindsided by financial jargon or complicated spreadsheets. 

I’ll explain everything to you in simply relatable language (without making you feel patronised - I’m not one of ‘those’ accountants - promise!).

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a clear plan of action to help you reach your financial goals. And I’ll give you access to my plug-in-and-go calculators you can use to track your progress.

Book an intensive with me to discuss your pricing and profit goals and we can build a plan for the next 12 months. 

Price £1,000

Note: this can also be taken in 3x90 minute sessions.


Outcomes from working with me

Understanding of vision in practice

12 month plan

Work out how to make more profit

Would you like to chat first?

Book a quick cuppa and a chat to see how we can work together.


Kate Beavis

Working with Sally during her Pricing + Profit Intensive was mind blowing. I had looked for a business coach for many years but was always disappointed then I realised I needed support with the money side of business - pricing, packages, outgoings - all the stuff I feel as a creative is boring!

We had three sessions with each one bringing many lightbulb moments.

Firstly we chatted about packages and pricing - I had some ideas which Sally helped me to price and perfect. She set me a task to write to a few contacts to introduce the new packages and ask for their feedback and to pass it onto anyone who may be interested. 4 days later I landed a £7.5K client!

In the second session we looked at my memberships and my courses - again focusing on pricing. She showed me what I needed to do to make it all more profitable which I have now actioned.

Finally, we looked at outgoings, account management, paying myself more - all those things I'd been ignoring. And three weeks later I have landed another client signing up for my new ways of working.

From a 4.5 hours session, within two weeks I have made an extra 10K which will only grow. I look forward to our next session!

About Me

Hi I’m Sally and I help small businesses with their pricing.  I want you to feel confident in what you charge to clients and how you price your work. 

I have a young family (my sons are 10 & 8) and I know what a juggle it can be, especially recently!  I want you to make the most of your business and not be a slave to it and pricing is so critical to this.