Pricing + Profit Power Hour

Spend an hour with me and I will get you on the right track with your Pricing + Profit.


Pricing + Profit Power Hour

Are you stuck on a pricing issue in your business?

Perhaps you're launching a new product/service and you're not sure what to charge.

Or maybe you want to raise your prices, but you're not sure how to approach it with your existing clients. 

It could be that you need expert guidance on a specific topic e.g. pricing your coaching/consultancy package, launching an affiliate programme or incentive scheme for your team.

Whatever the issue - if it relates to pricing (and making more profit in your business), I can help you get unstuck.  

Book a power hour with me, and I’ll help with your pricing queries, and formulate a strategy specific to your business.

Typical issues I can help you solve in a Power Hour: 

✔️ Setting your prices as a new business 

✔️Pricing a new product/service

✔️Negotiating better rates with existing/prospective clients 

✔️Setting rates for freelancers/contractors 

✔️Pricing a project for a new/existing client 

✔️Increasing your prices - without losing existing clients

Typical issues I can help guide you on in a Power Hour:

(but might need one or two follow up sessions to fully implement). 

✔️Creating a pricing structure for an online course/membership 

✔️Helping you develop a bonus/incentive scheme for your team

✔️Developing a referral payment scheme for new business 

✔️Increasing your profit - across your business - or on a particular product/service 

✔️Creating an affiliate programme for your clients 

Here's how it works

The call will take place over Zoom at a time of your choosing.  At least 24 hours before the call, you will need to complete a questionnaire which will provide me with some information for the call, and make the best use of the 1 hour we have together. 

Session structure:

Defining your issue: Getting clear on the issue and what you want to get out of the session.  Once I understand the issue, I will go over what we can realistically achieve in an hour (0-10 mins)

Exploring the possibilities: looking at different strategies for your business (10-30 mins)

Building the Strategy: we will map out the next steps for achieving your goal. (30-50 mins)

Creating the plan: we will create a plan of action for you to get to your goal (50-60 mins)

I will send you the recording and a summary of what we discussed in the session within 48 hours.

Price: £350


Need more than an hour's help? Want to look at pricing for your whole business? Book 3 hours for the price of 2 just £700 (a saving of £350) and we can get stuck in


"Sally's pricing power hour was just what I needed to get clear on how much I needed to be charging, and really get clear on profit - something so easily overlooked in freelancing! I left the session feeling more confident, more knowledgable and very motivated."

Emma Cossey
The Freelance Lifestyle Coach

"Before my power hour my pricing for gift wrapping classes was not clear. I struggled to be consistent when asked to run classes for businesses. I constantly felt uncomfortable asking for a certain amount which meant I ended up making very little profit from each event. Since the power hour I have had 2 corporate bookings (at £350 each) and have planned my funnel with clear pricing. Thank you Sally for making everything so clear, I feel much more confident about pricing"

Louise Lewis
Louise Lewis Gift Wrapping