Work With Me 1:1

I offer packaged and bespoke 1:1 services.

Are you looking for help with your pricing?ย  Do you know you want to increase your prices and want some support to implement the prices?

Are you short of time (home schooling and lockdown anyone?) and want something you can access when it suits you each week?

Do you want an affordable way to work 1:1 with me over a period of time?

If so, Voxer coaching is for you.

What would we cover?

We can cover any aspect of your pricing and business numbers.ย  Common things might include:

  • Pricing your services
  • Packaging your services
  • Pricing your membership, course or workshop
  • Putting up your prices with existing customers
  • Review of your business numbers
  • How to improve your profit

โ€ฆ..but we can cover anything really in your sessions, itโ€™s up to you.


Are you worried about paying yourself? Your contractors? Do you want to make more money in your business? My cash flow review will show you how to streamline your business and review it so that you can make more money and better decisions in your business. 

In the current circumstances, do you know where you are with your business? Do you know how long your business can survive? Are you in control of your cash or is it controlling you? Is your business surviving or thriving? 

We will:

  1. Review your key expenses to see how you could be more streamlined.

  2. Help you get paid quicker both now and in future.

  3. Look at what you can pay yourself and how to work it out for the future.

  4. Look at your existing accounts set up and recommend ways to improve how you have your accounts.

  5. Look at your forecast in order to make more money

  6. Review of your existing business plan to see how robust it is.


You’re consistently having £5k+ months in your online business but feel like you could be making more.

It could be that you’ve already hit six figures, but you’re working 24/7 and your team costs are spiralling. You’d love to know how to generate more profit - so you can work fewer hours and pay yourself more. 

Or perhaps you’ve got a launch coming up and want to make it make it your most profitable ever. 

Trouble is, you’re so busy with client delivery, you feel like you don’t have time to look at the numbers.

And even when you do, it all feels SO overwhelming.

If any of this sounds familiar, my Pricing and Profit Intensive could be exactly what you need.

We’ll spend a day together looking at the numbers in your business.


If your business has grown at speed, your sales have rocketed, but your systems and accounts haven’t kept up let me help.

Most businesses that experience fast growth focus on revenue and sales before ‘figuring out’ the finances to support this success. Don’t worry if your ‘back office’ is in a bit of a mess - it’s understandable as you’ve been focusing on other things.

That said, come year end, or before you’ll want to know where you stand with your own personal income, tax liabilities, cash position and more. It’s easy to hire fast when you’re slammed, but knowing who, what and when you can afford things is the smart way to grow. And I’m sure you know this. But when you’ve perhaps not taken time to re-order your financial systems and reporting to reflect your new level of sales there’s often a step-change that needs to happen. 

You may be taking in high 6 or 7 figures annually , but if your costs are wiping out most of your profit, there’s never as much ‘leftover’ for you. Or you may be making a good level of profit, but you’re unsure how to use it to invest to grow or want to understand better what’s going on ‘under the hood’ of your business, I can help.

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Do you need an accounting system in your business?

Do you want it all just set up for you and then be trained on how to do it?

Or do you want me to help you find someone to run it for you?

I will set up and reconcile your Xero for you, set up reports and invoices, plus provide training either as a course or 1:1.

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