5 ways to stop discounting your services

So today I want to talk to you about five ways to avoid discounting when talking to a client. 

Picture the scenario, you send a proposal to a client and the client says they can't afford that. And the And you immediately offer to discount with no reason to do so.  Instead, take a deep breath and do one of the following 5 things:

  1. Ask the client what the most critical thing that they need doing is.  If they are a new client, it might be that they haven't seen what you can do yet, they might be worried that they're spending money they won't get back. And so ask them what their most critical items are, and which ones you can start with. You could also start with what the budget is, and this would guide you as to what to start with and how they can get a result with a smaller budget.
  2. Packaging your services.  I believe this gives people more options, plus makes it clearer.  It avoids awkward pricing conversations before they even start, so having conversations about discounting becomes a thing of the past.  It also shows the customer journey to the customer!  You can then offer to move someone down a package if they can’t afford your 1:1 or done for you service, you might move them down to a group coaching programme or a course or even offering them a freebie. So the idea is to try not to lose them altogether from your list or your audience. You could also point them to your YouTube channel or your podcast, where they can get to know, like and trust you, and then they might come back to buy from you. But try not to lose them out of your sphere of influence altogether. 
  3. Next time you talk to a client, I want you to talk about the value that you deliver, and the transformation that you provide to that client. And usually that means saving either time or money. Showcasing your value is much more important than the hours that you do.
  4. Show the client results and testimonials. So if you're asking them to spend £1,000 pounds on something, can you show them they can save at least that or even £2,000 pounds? Can you save X number of hours a week? Can you stop them losing leads in their email? Can you save them lots of time in doing their social media, which in turn will bring in more sales? Think about what you deliver for a client and what results you get for them and then you can sell that value and package that up. 

If you'd like to know more about my pricing strategies, then you can find that in my packages masterclass, my pricing calculator or even my fun pricing personality quiz


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