Why batching is so important for you and your business

Batching is so useful for you and your business. And at first glance, you might say it has nothing to do with pricing. But actually, it makes an enormous difference to you, your business and the prices you charge. Because we all like to think we can multitask, but if you want to create your ideal business, you need to drop the multitasking and start embracing batching instead.

Why should you bother with batching?

No matter how much you may try to convince yourself otherwise, multitasking is not a good option. It’s really difficult to flick between different tasks all the time. Not only does it play havoc with your focus, it also produces less than stellar results.

Batching helps you keep your focus on one thing. It stops you getting distracted, and it makes it easier for you to block your time according to your energy. And that’s both practical and smart. For example, I don't work Fridays, so I can block that time off completely. However, I know my energy for focused...

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5 ways to improve your productivity

We all want to improve productivity in our business but how can we do this? It's so easy to get overwhelmed in your business (it happens to me at least monthly!) but I've been putting in some things to help

  1. Use the right tools

  2. Outsource some of the work

  3. Use workflows & canned emails

  4. Time blocking

  5. Boundaries

Tools to use

Having the right software tools in place in your business makes a huge difference. I recommend the following ones that I have used successfully in my business

Toggl for time tracking

Asana for task and project management

Kajabi  for email lists, membership sites

Smarterqueue for posting to social media

Xero for your accounts

Canva for social posts

Calendly for getting people to book with you.

Zapier for linking up different apps

More on this in next week's blog post.


Outsource the work

Another thing to do is to outsource the work. The easiest way to do this is to outsource part of the client work you have. Or outsource a small...

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