What sort of accountant am I?

accountant Mar 03, 2020
Last week at a networking event, I told someone I am an accountant.  So they started asking me if it had been a busy time in January with tax returns, to which I replied that I’m not that sort of accountant.
I spend a lot of time saying that.  I am a qualified management accountant, which means that I have spent all my working life working in business, and not in an accounting practice.  My dad is an accountant and I swore for years that I wouldn’t be one, but I’m definitely a chip off the old block!  I also decided I would be bored if I did year end accounts and tax work, so I decided to go and work in companies, producing their monthly reporting and performance measures. 
I loved it!  I got to spend time with business people every day, talking to them in non-accountant speak about how the business is performing and where it is going.  I got involved in budgets and forecasting, and 5 year strategic plans.  I...
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