7 things you shouldn’t be asking your accountant about

Do you know what you should and shouldn’t be asking your accountant about? That may seem like a strange question, but you're often only paying your accountant to do your tax and compliance. They may do your year-end accounts and maybe some bookkeeping, but that’s essentially it. 

The mistake many business owners make is expecting their accountant to deal with many other things they’re not paying for. An accountant won’t tell you about the current position of your business or where you might be going in the future, and they won’t tell you how to plan for taxes and things like that. 

So if you’re wondering what else your accountant could not be expected to deal with for you, keep reading!

#1: You shouldn’t be asking your accountant about your pricing

As the Pricing Queen, you know I talk a lot about pricing - but your accountant will not help you do that. You have the numbers and my pricing calculator to be able to work it out for...

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What sort of accountant am I?

Last week at a networking event, I told someone I am an accountant.  So they started asking me if it had been a busy time in January with tax returns, to which I replied that I’m not that sort of accountant.
I spend a lot of time saying that.  I am a qualified management accountant, which means that I have spent all my working life working in business, and not in an accounting practice.  My dad is an accountant and I swore for years that I wouldn’t be one, but I’m definitely a chip off the old block!  I also decided I would be bored if I did year end accounts and tax work, so I decided to go and work in companies, producing their monthly reporting and performance measures. 
I loved it!  I got to spend time with business people every day, talking to them in non-accountant speak about how the business is performing and where it is going.  I got involved in budgets and forecasting, and 5 year strategic plans.  I...
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