Business Growth by Numbers is 2!

birthday business freelance Feb 18, 2020
This week Business Growth by Numbers turned 2!  I can’t believe I’ve been in business that long really.  I never thought I would set up my own business when I left my corporate job.  But then I discovered that they wouldn’t offer the flexibility I would want with my kids and thought why not?  I didn’t need the employment benefits any longer (no more kids!) and decided to take the plunge.
To say it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement!  I have learned about lead magnets, sales funnels, blogs, websites, newsletters, passive income and so much more.  Plus I have discovered I love working at home as long as I have loads of Zoom calls each day.  My husband hears me say “I’m just going on a call” a lot!
What I have learned is that you need support and cheerleaders along the way.  Everything from having an amazing virtual assistant (Louise Mackie), to email marketing and websites...
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