How to get investment in your business

Have you ever wondered how to get investment in your business? For many business owners, it’s something they may never think about or want. But depending on your goals, it’s worth thinking about investment or borrowing, as they can help you quickly grow your business to the level you want.

I must confess, this isn’t an area I’m an expert in, so it was great to have a podcast chat recently with Chartered Accountant and founder of Raised Up Finance, Deborah Edwards, on this subject. So if you’d like to learn more about getting funding for your business, keep reading!

Two things to consider before looking at business funding

There are many different ways a business can grow. But if you’re looking at growth in terms of funding and investment, it comes down to two key things - the speed you want to grow and your attitude to risk.

The speed you want to grow will help determine the choices you make for your business. But your attitude to risk will also...

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Investing in your business

How do you feel when someone says to you that its not that you can’t afford it, that its about whether you believe that they are the right person to take your business forward?  This really annoys me as every business has limits as to what it can afford, so it is always about the money for me.  Maybe I don’t want to get into debt for that £5k course, or maybe that’s not my money priority right now.
There is definitely a mindset issue about spending money in your business and this often comes when you think something is too expensive or you shouldn’t spend that.  So, tap into what is the issue really is.  Is it that you don’t have enough money or is it that you are afraid there will not be enough money in three months’ time? If you have a clear plan as to what you were going to do with your money and where the income is going to come from over the next three months you could decide whether to invest.
Do you...
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