Dreaming big in your business

What are your dreams?  What would financial freedom in your business look like to you?  Is it more flexibility to spend time with your kids?  Is it being able to do your work from anywhere, including a beach somewhere?  Do you want to have a huge business with lots of employees?
I think people don’t think enough about what they ultimately want out of their business for their lifestyle, but this can dramatically affect how much they need or want to take out of their business on a regular basis.  It can also affect how much you earn.  For example, if you are a mum and want to work less in the holidays, you are likely to earn less (unless you have passive income, but more on that another day).
For me, my dream is to be able to have some of the holidays off and only work 4 days a week in term time.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working towards it.  I have clear steps that I’m following in order to build my...
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