Why I started a podcast

In November 2020, I attended Janet Murray's annual event 2021 Sorted. Colin Gray talked all about how to start a podcast and it really appealed to me. With some pushing from Janet, I agreed to start a podcast.

Today (17th March) marks the launch of my new podcast "The Pricing Queen". I have 11 episodes all ready to go and I'm so excited to be out there with it.

For me, a podcast is perfect. I don't have to put on any makeup, I can chat away (I love a chat!) and I can choose when I do it. It can also be quite casual in style, as I don't have to be too corporate about it.

I have also loved having loads of guests for my first season. I've chatted to Osmaan Sharif (mindset), Janet Murray (online courses and memberships), Amy Mitchell (systems and productivity), Amy Caiger (niching) and Rob & Kennedy (email marketing).

It's a great way to show your authority in your chosen niche, and also to invite people you admire so you can chat to them. It should also open out my audience (I...

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Do you plan in advance?

Do you have a plan for 2021 yet? Of course not, it’s too early! But with just a month left of this year, when is it a good time to start planning 2021? And are you someone who will usually plan in advance, or are you more of a spontaneous, in the moment kind of person? 

I think, as a business owner, it’s incredibly important that you get into the habit of planning ahead. Not only does it reduce stress, but it also helps increase your chances of success - and this is especially important if you’re looking to increase your prices in the year ahead.

Plan in advance to give yourself time to plan out your strategy

Because if you’re looking to hit a revenue goal, you need to know how you’re going to get there. It could mean you need to increase your prices, but it’s also about getting clear on what you have available and how many services you need to sell, to reach your revenue target.

Putting prices up takes time and care. You need to look at the...

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