5 ways to improve your productivity

We all want to improve productivity in our business but how can we do this? It's so easy to get overwhelmed in your business (it happens to me at least monthly!) but I've been putting in some things to help

  1. Use the right tools

  2. Outsource some of the work

  3. Use workflows & canned emails

  4. Time blocking

  5. Boundaries

Tools to use

Having the right software tools in place in your business makes a huge difference. I recommend the following ones that I have used successfully in my business

Toggl for time tracking

Asana for task and project management

Kajabi  for email lists, membership sites

Smarterqueue for posting to social media

Xero for your accounts

Canva for social posts

Calendly for getting people to book with you.

Zapier for linking up different apps

More on this in next week's blog post.


Outsource the work

Another thing to do is to outsource the work. The easiest way to do this is to outsource part of the client work you have. Or outsource a small portion of the things you hate. Bookkeeping, admin, social media, design are all good candidates. Track your time and see where you use a lot of time doing a task and outsource - if you are fully booked you need to do this anyway so you can take on more clients.


Use workflows and canned emails

Have a process that you repeat again and again for clients? Write it up and have a series of emails that you send each time. I have Zapier linking Calendly and Asana, so when someone books a call, it triggers a whole load of tasks for me to do, without me doing anything.

It can really help you free up time and space, knowing that things are happening in the background of your business, and for me, being reminded at the right time is also really important (but not before!)


Time Blocking

This has been a bit of a game changer for me. You can't focus if you keep moving around all the time. So I now don't take client calls on certain days, I do all my content planning on a Monday, and keep Fridays for admin and accounts.

It means I focus on the right things at the right time, rather than flitting from one thing to another, and have time to get done the critical work.

Maybe you work better doing certain things at certain times of the day? Blocking your time to be more productive serves you and your customers much better.



This is something I talk about a lot, but having good boundaries for yourself and your clients will make you more productive. You need downtime to serve your clients well, and getting straight when you will and won't be available is important. Read more here


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