Do you have good boundaries?

Growing your business into a six or seven-figure business is something that takes discipline, focus and boundaries. The problem is COVID came along and changed our working habits, our routines and our focus! So do you still have good boundaries in place, or is it something you need to work on a little more?

Those good boundaries have become a little blurred!

COVID has really blurred the boundaries between work and home for many of us. It’s something that many initially saw as a short-term problem, but the reality has been quite different. For parents, in particular, childcare plans have changed or been interrupted, as you are now seen as being ‘at home’. This means you’re often seen as available and able to juggle work and home life.

Working from home often means it’s tempting to be always in work mode. The boundary between your working hours and downtime has also blurred, further compounded by the changing environment and working patterns of others.

And with COVID still impacting our lives, it’s not something that looks like it’s changing anytime soon.

Know what works for you

So if your boundaries have got a little blurred, acknowledge it. And then look to make changes to reflect these new habits. For example, I don’t work evenings and weekends, but have decided to work more now. (I have a full day off a month, and meet a friend every week for lunch). 

But it’s also about ensuring you have routines in place that allow you to have downtime too. Boundaries are there to help you, not frustrate or hinder you, so find what works for you and drop the expectations of what you think you ‘should’ be doing.

Establish good boundaries, moving forward

Because good boundaries will help you, moving forward. Not only will they help avoid burnout and overwhelm, but they also keep you focused and ensure you’re looking after yourself, as well as your mental and physical health. 

Growing your business into a six or seven-figure business takes discipline, focus and good boundaries. Your business needs you to fit and well, so you can do what’s required, to help it flourish - and that means establishing good boundaries in your life. 

So what can you implement, to help make that happen? What boundaries do you need to tighten up on or change, to help you get more focused and disciplined? Because the reality is, the COVID situation isn’t changing any time soon. Rather than sitting and waiting it out, it’s much better to create good boundaries that will serve you now, so you can learn how to adapt to whatever situation you find in - with a minimal negative impact on yourself or your business.

Good boundaries start with getting a clear picture of what you want. And if you’d love to learn how to generate more profit, so you can work fewer hours and pay yourself more, without overwhelm, check out my Pricing + Profit Intensive Day. I’ll help you identify your most profitable products/services, the areas you’re leaking money and the potential opportunities for growth. By the end of the day, you’ll have a clear plan of action to help you reach your financial goals. Sound good? You will find all the details here.


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