Stepping out of your comfort zone

How do you show up in your business?  Are you out there getting known for what you do and going big, or are you hiding at home behind your laptop?
It feels really uncomfortable, doesn’t it, to get out there and be visible in your business.  One of my key words for 2020 is visibility, but I’m happiest sitting behind my laptop screen with a spreadsheet!  But its not going to grow my business, or help my personal development.
I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone A LOT recently.  I ran the 5 day challenge in my Strength in Numbers group, despite having never run one before, and having never done a Facebook live before.  I find broadcast lives really hard, as the interaction isn’t there and it’s a struggle to talk to myself (although my husband would probably disagree!).  I love live interactive calls, but I only discovered this by doing them for my course.  They are also really important for my energy.
I’ve also been writing my newsletter and blog weekly now since the start of the year.  Writing doesn’t come naturally to me (that’s why I’m an accountant!) and someone called me out on it on LinkedIn, saying I hadn’t used the right language about my course.  He was a Digital Fixer (what is that?!) so I didn’t take too much notice. 
For me, it’s important to have you hear how I say things.  I’m a pretty no nonsense straight down the line sort of person and it’s so critical that you can see who I am, on LinkedIn, in my Facebook group and in my newsletter.  I have considered outsourcing the writing several times, as I feel so awkward doing it, but I also know that no one can sound like me.  And in today’s world, it is all about you and your personality in your business.
I feel I’m growing into my business, and getting out there – can you truly say the same?  Take some action today to get out of your comfort zone.
If your comfort zone is ignoring your numbers (so many people do it!), then message me or book a power hour to get you on track in 2020 with your numbers. 

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