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Why do you find difficult to manage your business numbers? Is it because you were told at school you were bad at maths? Is it because you’re just terrible with money?  Have you had debt in the past?
These things do not have to be true in the future. However, it is also true that many, many business owners start their business without any real idea about how to manage their numbers. It is one of the most critical part of your business.  You need to manage the numbers carefully but often you set up and run your business without any experience with the numbers.  Many people never take any courses or undertake training in this as they just sort of expect to be able to manage it. 
I feel the same way that a lot of you feel about numbers about marketing and recording videos. It feels me with dread and I put off doing it as much as I possibly can. However, I know my business won’t grow if I don’t do my marketing and to this end I’ve started doing this weekly blog and newsletter and I think it has made a big difference to my business. It’s a case of eating the frog every single week.
Try to put aside one hour every week to look at your business numbers make sure you understand them and if you don’t know, ask. No one else knows your business like you do and no one else needs to know the numbers like you do.
I’m running a course called “Becoming a Numbers Ninja” and the doors to this round will be open from Monday, 3rd February. This course will give you everything that you need to know about your business numbers and understand what they mean for your business. There will be a live round starting on 25th February and it will run for 6 weeks.  There will be support via a Facebook group.
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