Do you want to earn more in 2021?

What are your financial goals for 2021? Do you want to earn more money? I know, for many that seems a bit of a silly question - after all, who doesn’t want to earn more! 

No matter what type of business you have, the easiest way for you to earn more money is to put up your prices. But for that to happen successfully, you need to have a plan. And that’s something that will take time.

Your prices are only part of the equation

It’s relatively easy to take what you already have and simply increase the price. But what if you haven’t set up your package correctly in the first place? What if you realise clients want something that isn’t in that package? And what if you were already underpricing or overpricing - what then?

If you want to earn more in 2021, you need to ensure that your foundations are correct first. You need to understand how to price in a way that includes your financial goals, your business costs and your desired profit margins. You need to know your existing financial obligations and ensure you have them covered. And then you need to work out the steps you need to take, to reach your business and financial goals  - and that’s why you need a plan.

You need to set out a plan

You need to set aside time to work out your plan of action to help you earn more in 2021. Planning ahead will enable you to get really clear on what your goals are and more crucially, how you are going to achieve them.

Because setting out a revenue goal isn’t enough. It’s not just about having revenue goals.

You need to know what hours you’re realistically going to work, as well as the number of clients you can handle at any one time. It’s not just about having a financial goal to aim for, you also need to know you currently have enough recurring income coming in, to cover your monthly expenses. 

Earn more in 2021 by being focused

A plan enables you to see how you’re going to earn more in 2021. It helps you to get crystal clear on the steps you need to take to reach your financial goals, once you have your foundations in place and it provides you with a focus for the year ahead.

Because earning more isn’t simply a case of increasing your existing prices or setting a new financial goal. You need to know that your foundations are right. You need to know what resources you have at your disposal, the costs you need to cover, and the timescale in which you want it to happen. 

If you want to earn more in 2021 and putting up your prices is the right solution for you, you’re going to need a plan. It’s the only way you’re going to ensure you have all the bases covered to make a price increase right for your clients and your business.

If you want to have a solid plan to help you increase your prices and earn more in 2021, join the waiting list for my 2021 Pricing + Profit masterclass. You’ll be able to get your pricing sorted once and for all, have the year planned and know what you need to do, to hit your revenue goals for 2021. Simply head here to join the waitlist


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