How to earn more in your small business

business income Feb 17, 2021

2021 has started off being a tough year. We thought we'd left behind some of the woes of 2020, but unfortunately, that's not the case. And lots of small businesses are struggling.

If you are struggling with managing homeschooling, your business and all the other demands at home, you are not alone. The uncertainty can make it very difficult to plan anything and balancing your energy can be really important.

Also, if you are just working all the time (maybe you don't have kids but are stuck on your own at home), there is a temptation to just work all the time, and never have a break.

Look at what brings in the most money with the most ease in your business. If you offer a 1:1 service, could you do more, rather than sell something like a course, which won't get you much, but a 1:1 would net you more.

Do short term things if you need the money right now. Go out to your "hot" leads - these are mostly existing or previous clients or ex-colleagues. Ask them if they know anyone who needs your service now.

Don't discount if you can avoid it - you are better to have 1 paying client at your full rate than 2 at half price, as it's less effort. Not everyone at the moment is struggling, there are plenty of businesses doing well, and households where people are spending less. Don't assume everyone is having money troubles.

Make sure you are doing the things that will make a difference now, and not going down a social media rabbit hole. Time block as much as you can - I do focussed things first thing (6am) so that if I'm interrupted the rest of the day, it doesn't matter so much.

Be kind to yourself. Although it feels like forever, it will pass, and if you can't do much at all if your sector is closed currently, prepare lots of content for social media, nurture your email list and do some looking at the big picture, so that when things open up you are ready.

Rest and give yourself a break, it's all pretty full on and stressful on it's own at the moment, try not to add to the pressure.


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