Launch a Podcast, raise your prices! 5 ways a podcast can maximise your profits

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

Podcasts are really having a moment right now – everyone is listening to them and some people go a step further to actually making one. If you’ve been hiding under a table waiting for the podcast craze to blow over, you might want to grab some snacks, because you’re probably going to be there for some time… Podcasts are anything but a flash in the pan (no offense, Clubhouse…), our busy modern lives and relentless impatience mean we want to be consuming content ALL of the time.

Podcasts give us on demand content, that we can plug in to while we’re exercising, driving, working or doing the washing up, and we love that convenience so much we’ve invited the podcast into our home, its hung up its coat, kicked off its shoes, and is very much here to stay.

When you’re ready to emerge from the safety of your ‘I’ll-just-stick-to-my-website-and-instagram-ta-very-much’ table, here’s 5 ways a Pod can Cast a hefty chunk of cash into your business…

  1.  An audience that trusts you is an audience that buys from you.

You can develop know-like-trust with your audience authentically and quickly with your podcast – using your voice breaks that third wall and invites listeners into your ‘club’. We all know how important it is for businesses to nurture a community in the online space, and audio is a such an intimate form of communication; it really allows you to gain the trust of your followers and give them a sense of who you are in a very personal way.

  1.  Show up for your audience cool as a cucumber.

Connecting with your audience through your podcast enables you to shape the persona your audience gets to know. Yes, you’re being yourself and there is a certain candid charm to podcasts, but you also have editorial control over the planning and editing of each episode, and so you can ensure you’re positioning yourself as an expert without the added pressure of being live or on camera. Stumbled on your words? Messed up your point? Suddenly forgotten a word you use every day? Take a breath, carry on, edit it out later – you choose how filtered you want to be (which will vary depending on your audience and your area of expertise). This is particularly useful if the off-the-cuff nature of Facebook/IGTV Lives gives you the willies!

  1.  You’re front of mind when it’s decision time.

Publishing regular podcast episodes which provide high value content your listeners love is a fast track to becoming a permanent fixture in their day-to-day life. Once you’ve infiltrated your audience’s routine, your content goes from being a quick double-tap on a post in their feed (if you’re lucky), to purposeful, appointment listening; they’ve come to know and expect your latest episode at the same time every week, and they know they’re going to get something juicy from you. This is now a captive audience making a conscious decision to plug you into their ears, meaning your calls to action hit harder and your personality beds in deeper. Then when they’re ready to buy, guess who they’re calling first? (You. It’s you they’re calling first).

  1.  High quality marketing content frees up your time to work on your business.

Podcasting gives you a lot of bang for your buck: whether you produce it yourself or you pay someone else to (yep, you can outsource the production work if it’s not your thing), you invest your resources once, wallop it out there into the digital world, and it’s there for life. Evergreen content you can promote over and over again with different clips, promoting it in new places, and reminding your audience of it whenever that content is topical or relevant. Having a podcast also gives you the opportunity to work smart: repurpose episode content for your website, social media, blog and email marketing, and bring more people into your space. Waste less time coming up with a bunch of content from scratch, spend more time working on your business.

  1.  Increase the demand for your time (and how much it costs!)

Produce a great podcast, grow your audience. Grow your audience, raise your personal profile. The snowball effect opens up more opportunities for exposure – creating a buzz around you as an expert and trusted voice in your field can lead to invitations to deliver workshops, guest speaking in membership groups, guesting on other podcasts etc. With all that kudos, your time is in increased demand, and that comes at a higher price tag! 

Podcasts are increasingly becoming a staple component of a business’ marketing mix, and there are many ways you can introduce one into yours to reap the long-term benefits. It doesn’t need to be time consuming, and you don’t need to convert your spare room into a recording studio… For more information on how to launch a podcast, contact Buckers at Decibelle Creative.


Annabelle Buckland (Buckers to most people!) is the Founder of Decibelle Creative  a bespoke podcast production company managing all areas of podcasting for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Buckers is an award winning audio producer with a background in commercial radio

– she and her small team of editors and digital marketers work collaboratively with their clients to plan, launch and grow their own podcasts which feel authentic yet sound professional. Buckers also co-hosts a top 10 comedy podcast called

At Least You Didn’t  which reached #1 in Apple’s stand-up comedy chart within a week of launch and achieved 12k downloads in its first series.




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