Apps to make you more productive

I talked in my previous blog about productivity and in this one I want to talk about more tools you could use in your business to make you more productive


Toggl - perfect for tracking your time on projects and knowing how long things take you to deliver a project or retainer. The free version is fine, but I use the paid version to give me billable vs non billable amounts.


Asana - I have everything in Asana these days - documents, workflows, projects and I love it. I can set due dates, share information and tasks with people and generally organise my life. Amy Mitchell has a great free training on getting started. Get it here.


Kajabi - I love Kajabi because it houses my website, courses and email marketing in one place. When I was looking at it, I thought it was expensive (I pay around £130 per month) but because I was paying for web hosting and an email list separately, plus having somewhere to host my courses, it wasn't much different in the end. It's easy to use and there are no extra costs (email subscribers are unlimited).


Smarterqueue - I love Smarterqueue for posting to social media - I can set it up for the week and then just leave it to happen. For Instagram it just allows you to copy but then it looks like you have posted directly.


Xero - As an accountant I use Xero all the time, and I cannot recommend highly enough that you have an accounting system. I can set you up with this and the software is usually around £28 per month. You can send invoices, reconcile payments and generally get on top of your accounts.


Canva - I do all my own designs in Canva and I love how easy it is to use (I'm not a designer at all!) The pro version (around £12 per month) gives me all my brand colours to be able to make everything look good.


Calendly - This is a great tool to prevent you going backwards and forwards with people to book a time to chat. The paid version of Calendly (around £12 per month) allows you to take payments, so this is great for paid power hours (pick your brains chats!).


Zapier - for linking up different apps eg Calendly & Asana. I love this as it teaches you how to link up apps and you can link almost any of the main apps.


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