Moving your business beyond the kitchen table

How did your business start? Did you have kids and create something to fit around them?  Maybe it was something that you started, to get in a little bit of pocket money, or a hobby that turned into your main business? But now it’s up and running - are you still treating your business like a hobby? Because if you are, you’re not doing it (or you) any favours.

It’s not just about the kitchen table

The problem with working from the kitchen table is it doesn’t feel especially business-like. Often, it’s the place you need to keep clearing away so others can eat, work or study. Your family will often congregate around it and it never actually feels like anything other than the workhorse of the kitchen. 

It’s also in the busiest room in the house! So if you’re looking for space to focus, think and get serious about your business, it’s not really conducive to that.

Because when you work from a kitchen table, it isn’t just about the practicalities - it’s about your mindset too. 

Take your business seriously and others will too

The kitchen table isn’t yours alone. You can’t create a permanent office space around it and your business doesn’t have a permanent home. Does working from it make you feel like you’re taking your business seriously? Do other people treat your business seriously?

If you want to move your business forward, you need to start taking it seriously. It’s time to move beyond the kitchen table.

Have a dedicated workspace

Having your own dedicated working area is the best decision you can make right now. Not only will it help your productivity levels, it will also help you step up more in your business. So what can you do to create an office space? What room can you take over? If you can’t have a dedicated room, what area of your home can you turn into an office space?

Get clear on where you’re headed 

Having clear goals and plans will also help you move from that kitchen table mentality. Knowing where you want to take your business and what steps you need to take, will enable you to get serious about your business and the effort you need to put in to make it work for you.

Understand your numbers 

And finally, look to understand your numbers. Know how much it costs per hour to run your business, invest in a good accounting system for your business, and understand what the breakeven position is for your business. Get the basics sorted out, so you can make conscious, educated decisions for your business and can tell if it’s in a good or bad financial position.

No matter how or why you started your business, there inevitably comes a time when you need to step up and move on from the kitchen table. If you want your business to succeed, you need to take it seriously and give yourself the dedicated space you need, to make that happen.

If you’re worrying about your business numbers, my Becoming a Numbers Ninja course will help! Let me guide you through the terminology, deadlines and minefield of accounting. You can then go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to someone who sees business finances as simply a part of your everyday business tasks. You’ll find all the details for Becoming a Numbers Ninja, here.


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