What is a power hour and why should you have one?

I think all service businesses (and some product ones too!) should have a power hour as part of their portfolio. It's a chance for people to work with you at relatively low cost, and you can get a result in an hour for the client.

It also deters time wasters who just want something for free.

What is a power hour?

A power hour is an hour of your time where you solve a specific problem for that client. So for me, it is pricing a specific thing, or increasing your profit in a certain area. I can't solve all of your pricing problems in an hour, so it's best to pick a topic and be really clear about what you can (and can't) cover in an hour.

Why do I need a power hour?

Do you often get people "tyre kicking" or saying "can I pick your brains about....."? It can be hard to say no, but you can end up spending a lot of time for free and giving away lots of your hard won experience by doing this. And people will push your boundaries all over the place if you let them!

Is it difficult to set up?

No, the tech is really easy - the main thing is to get people to pay upfront for it. So with a PayPal account you could do this very easily.

How do I price it?

That depends on where it fits in your customer journey. Is it an introductory level product in your business, where it would lead on to more things, or is it a core aspect in my business.

I use power hours a lot in my business and have made over £3,000 in the last few months. Mine are more entry level for my business but have led to people working with me in other areas.

If you want to have a power hour in your business, I have a Create and Price your Power Hour masterclass on 27th January. More information can be found here


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