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busy productive rest work Jun 30, 2020
I took a day off last week.  It’s actually the first proper day I’ve had off since lockdown, where I turned off my email and my notifications for the day and was truly present with my family.  We went to the beach for my son’s 8th birthday and it was just a lovely day, one of those rare parental days that go well!  And since then I’ve been super productive getting my business work done.
So I’m planning another day off this week (my husband’s birthday!)
I’m a firm believer that actually hard work doesn’t always equal greater success.  Yes, if you are lazy and don’t put in the work at all, your business won’t grow.  But actually, working 14 hour days isn’t the answer either. 
In her book, “Do Less” by Kate Northrup (get a copy here), Kate talks a lot about needing to have time out in order to be able to have productive times.  That we can’t all be “on” all of the time without a break.  That there are times to plan, times to be out in the world and times to rest and recover. 
Sometimes business can feel like you are on a huge treadmill just trying to do all of the things, but do you need to do them all?  Can you outsource some, or just stop doing some of it.  Look at your to do list and choose whether you Do, Ditch or Delegate.  Having a huge to do list is overwhelming, and I know I’m guilty of it a lot, but I’m working on it.
Also try having the 3 things you must do today on a post it note, where you can see it.  It focusses the mind and ensures you get done the things you absolutely must, and it’s been a lifesaver whilst homeschooling with much restricted work time.
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