Podcast Episode 11- Pricing and niching

niching podcast pricing May 12, 2021

Pricing and niching go together hand-in-hand. Having a niche improves your opportunities with pricing. But it also means you’re talking to the right people all of the time. Amy Caiger specialises in helping businesses get clear on their niche and how they can communicate that in their messaging, their marketing and their services.

Niching is essential as it enables you to have clarity around what you do. This helps you know how to communicate it in all you do, the world, and your ideal clients. Because it’s not enough to know your niche, you also need to communicate it clearly.

Why niching gets a bad reputation

People often panic at the idea of niching. Often though, this is down to how it’s portrayed. A lot of people think they need to choose a specific demographic of person. They then panic when they don’t have that and resort to making things up. 

And of course, when you start to make things up, and it's something that's not happening in your...

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