This is NOT a hobby

When was the last time you paid yourself from your business?  Think about it for a minute or look it up.  Do you pay yourself regularly?  And if you do, is that a proper salary or just a bare minimum to get by?
Hard as it is to hear, if you are not paying yourself, your business is just a very expensive hobby.  And if it’s a hobby, you aren’t making the money you need to live the life you want.  And you feel like you are working really hard, doing all the things, and not getting anywhere.  I think other people close to you can play into it as well, not taking it seriously as a business and expecting you to take on more at home or be the one to take time off when the kids are sick.
Sit down and work out what you need to take out of your business on a monthly basis.  What is the minimum and what is the nice to have.  What bills do you need to pay? 
Then look at what your business is doing each...
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