Pricing with confidence - everyone wants a deal!

When it comes to pricing, everyone wants a deal. But that doesn’t mean you should discount your prices. Pricing is as much about confidence as it is about finances. If you’re confident about your pricing, you’re more likely to appreciate the value you give to your clients and less likely to be hasty over discounts. 

If you’re looking to increase your confidence around pricing, here’s a few things to bear in mind.

Pricing is about confidence

You have to be comfortable with the prices you set. If you’re not, it’ll show in your sales pitch and reflect on how visible you are. A lot of this is down to confidence - confidence in your pricing and your abilities. If you don’t think you can deliver what you’re promising, it doesn’t matter how low or expensive your prices are. 

But it’s also how others perceive your pricing too. Price too low and your ideal clients may worry about the value of service they’ll receive. Underprice, and you run the risk of attracting the wrong type of customer. Price lower than your competitors, and you’ll feel inferior and resent what you’re being paid.

Be clear about your prices and stick to them

It’s far better to be clear on your prices, so you’re comfortable with them and will stick to them. You will then be more confident when talking about them, and that will come across in your sales conversations.

To help ramp up the confidence and clarity, be clear on the value you’re providing. When you know the tangible and intangible value you provide, you’ll be consistent in your marketing. You’ll easily be able to highlight to your customers the benefits they will glean from working with you, too. 

Have ‘non-standard’ add-ons

If you’re worried about the inflexibility of having set prices, look to have non-standard add-ons. You can then look to upsell and downgrade accordingly, as well as offering a more tailored approach to your packages. 

Take a look at this article on putting prices on your website, as it will help clarify the best ways to do this.

Don’t offer discounts

Everyone wants a deal, so, understandably, you’ll be asked about discounts. The key here is to think outside of the box a little. Instead of discounting your price, look to take something away from the original package itself.  Could you offer a lightweight package? How about providing a reduced service for the most urgent stuff? If you offer 1:1 services, you could run a group programme, rather than reducing your price or offering them something for free.

If you want to price with confidence, you need to be confident. So if that doesn’t come easy to you, work on improving it and your money mindset. You want to get to the stage where you’re confidently talking about your prices and confident at where you’ve set them. 

And if you need a little extra help with your pricing, why not book yourself in for a Power Hour with me? We can spend an hour focusing on any pricing issue you have in your business. I can help you get unstuck, get clarity around what to charge and help you create a strategy for increasing your prices. You’ll find details of the Power Hour call, here


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