Know how much to put away for your tax bill

tax tax return Jan 16, 2020
So here we are it’s a new year and I’m now looking at my tax return and thinking I’ve got it all under control.
Obviously I have because I’m an accountant and it would be foolish if I have not already completed my tax return ready to pay in the next couple of weeks, however lots of people find this time of the year really stressful.
It’s obviously a time when you haven’t got very much money post-Christmas. Maybe you worked less in December, so earned less plus the money that comes in early January will just about tide you through until the end of January without a tax bill.
It’s a time where people worry a lot about money and it’s something that is really important to manage in your business. If you don’t manage your money carefully then you can be hit by an unexpected tax bill in January at any time when you least need it.
Don’t ever be afraid of your tax bill again and be sure that you know...
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